The Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence (INIE) is a management support organization founded in 2014 to enhance the capacity and leadership of the nonprofit industry through advocacy, education and engagement.

Through a focus on capacity-building, collaboration and creativity, INIE works to enhance the nonprofit sector and ensure that it continues to serve as a driving force for this region’s economy and quality of life. In addition to offering trainings and workshops for nonprofit leaders on topics such as fundraising, finance, communications, strategic planning and more, INIE works strategically to leverage resources on nonprofits’ behalf.

Intern Recruitment Guide

This guide contains the detailed procedures by which you can connect your organization with interns in the local Tallahassee area. Also within are names and contact information for the career center liaisons at Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College.

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Sector Forward Report

To better understand the current condition and impact of the nonprofit sector in our local community, INIE commissioned a multi-part study on nonprofit organizations in Leon County and the Big Bend region. Using analyses of economic data and tax filings of Leon County nonprofits, as well as a representative survey of Big Bend area nonprofits conducted by INIE in 2015, this report examines the state of the sector, detailing the economic value and social contribution of its members.

P.S. The Florida Nonprofit Alliance just released a wonderful report detailing the economic impact of nonprofits across the state of Florida. Check out that report (and its accompanying data dashboard tool) online here.

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