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Nonprofit Principles are courses providing a high-level study or workshop experience on a specific fundamental element of operating a nonprofit organization. 


Running a nonprofit is hard work. It requires specific skills and expertise to make the organization successful. INIE is here to help you tackle that challenge. Welcome to Nonprofit 101 Bootcamp designed specifically for those wanting a focused overview of nonprofit operations.

The one-day session includes the following subjects: Formation and Compliance, Accounting and Budgeting and Board Relations, Marketing and Communications, Fund Development Planning and Basics of Strategic Planning. 


With the assistance of a facilitator(s) leaders in the nonprofit sector and beyond will participate in a 3-part immersive collaborative experience. Participating entities will be placed in groups of 2 or 3 and work together to address common needs with shareable assets, discovering new ways to support each other in achieving a common goal.

Participants will gain new partnerships, structured experience in taking goals from the ideation stage to actualization, and opportunities to broaden impact with unique programming cultivated through collaborative relationships across the sector. Max capacity for this program is 20 organizations.


The Faith Inc. round table offers an opportunity for faith-based organizations to gather for meaningful dialogue on strategies to growth awareness of their mission and provide impact to those they serve.

 The subjects include the following:

  • Faith-based messaging in a Pluralistic Society

  • Churches are Businesses

  • Working with Government Entities

  • Breaking Down the Walls of Silos Among Denominations

You are not alone in the journey to lead your organization!  The Executive Director Round Table offers an exclusive opportunity for nonprofit Executive Directors, Presidents/CEO to have an open dialogue about the triumphs and challenges of leading a nonprofit organization.  Each round table topic will be facilitated by a nonprofit executive or leader that will encourage conversation from all participants and manage the topic within the allotted time.  As a result of attending the round table, participants should leave encouraged, inspired, and connected to their peers that will forge further dialogue and potential collaborations. 


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