The second annual (Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence) INIE Awards aim to recognize and honor notable individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in our community who have gone above and beyond in the three INIE pillars, Collaboration, Advocacy, and Education, within the last year. 

Nominations open on July 26th and close on August 27th. All nominees should be part of the Big Bend community defined as Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, Franklin, Liberty, Madison, Jefferson, and Taylor counties. 


The Awards

The Education Award—INIE’s Student of the Year Award

The Education Award is awarded to the student of the year or our “Star Student”—an individual who has attended the most INIE classes and programs within the last year. INIE staff will tabulate the number of classes attended for each member from the time period of July 1st to June 30th . 

Public Servant Advocate of the Year

INIE will recognize a public servant leader that has demonstrated relentless support of the nonprofit sector.  This award recipient is selected by the INIE Selection Committee. 

The Legacy Leader Award

The Legacy Leader Award is awarded to an individual who has been active in the nonprofit sector for a minimum of 20 years and has persevered, triumphed, and guided others in creating lasting change in our community. A list of nominees will be developed by the INIE Program Committee and Board of Directors with the Board making a final selection.  

The Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award recognizes the importance of effective relationships and collaborations within and across disciplines to tackle difficult issues. This is awarded to one nonprofit organization and one business that has shown exemplary collaboration.

Qualifying Criteria 
    • Solicits diverse views in achieving collaboration
    • Establishes effective partnerships across multiple levels of the organization/business
    • Builds consensus in decision-making
    • Shares knowledge or information contributing to group success
    • Effective extension of mission through joint project/program
    • Effectively eliminates organizational silos and promotes more holistic approaches to address the issue(s) at hand
    • Increases the success of organization(s) through cooperative problem solving

The Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award recognizes the importance of effective advocacy efforts that serve to frame an issue, develop alliances, and gather and disseminate information relevant to moving the nonprofit sector forward.   Types of advocacy work recognized in this category could include: systems change, legislative action, civic engagement, grassroots advocacy as it relates to advocating for the nonprofit sector. 

Qualifying Criteria:
    • Implement an effective advocacy strategy
    • Demonstrate success in its advocacy efforts
    • Have a significant impact on the organization’s constituency
    • The advocacy work has resulted in a significant act(s) or specific decision(s) advantageous to the nonprofit sector
    • The advocacy advantageous action(s) or decision(s) were noted by outstanding efforts, process, or innovation
    • The advocacy work generated support or raised new awareness among policymakers, the media, and/or the community about the nature of the nonprofit sector, its economic and/or social benefit to residents and its critical role in community growth and advancement
    • Shares  his/her knowledge of and passion for the nonprofit section with others through writing, speaking, and/or consulting
    • Has played a lead role in developing/growing community awareness related to the nonprofit sector and is generally recognized as a leader in the field

How to Nominate

The INIEs Nomination Application will open July 26th and close August 27th. There is no submission limit, so nominate as many candidates as you would like.  Please be prepared to provide contact information, a photo, and a summary of achievement outlining the qualifications of each nominee. Questions may be directed to the INIE Team by calling 850-201-9766. 

Submit Your Nomination